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I am thrilled to announce the very exciting news that our beloved picture book, Journey of the Sea Glass, has returned to shelves after several years of being out of print. This title was acquired by the wonderful publishing company, McSea Books, and re-released in July 2021!

Journey of the Sea Glass

Journey pile of books.jpg

Now available!

Ordering information:

Visit or ask for it at your local bookstores and shops.

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By Nicole Fazio

McSea Books, 2021

(Previously published by Down East Books/Rowman & Littlefield, 2012)

What happens to sea glass between the time it falls into the sea and it washes up on the beach? This charming and inventive book explores a possible course of events, tracing a soda bottle that is dropped overboard from a ship near the turn of the 20th century, only to have a fragment of it discovered on a beach by a young girl decades late. Over time, the bottle has been influenced by waves, currents, the sea floor, and sea creatures, all pictured in lush full-color illustrations. With no words, the story is related completely through the images, allowing children and adults alike to fully immerse themselves in the artwork without the distraction of text.

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